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Charles I. Emrich & Associates
131 Prosperous Place, Suite 20-A
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Lexington, KY Dentist
Charles I. Emrich & Associates
131 Prosperous Place, Suite 20-A
Lexington, KY 40509-1853
(859) 263-8888

Charles I. Emrich & Associates Fee Schedule

We belive in being transparent about fees.  Here is a partial list of fees:

D0120 recare ex Periodic oral evaluation 42
D0150 NPE Comp oral eval-new/estab pat 73
D0210 FMX Intraoral-complete series (bw) 120
D1110 adult Prophylaxis-adult 79
D1120 child Prophylaxis-child 58
D7110 Extraction 1st Extraction-single tooth 122
D0220 Xray 1st Intraoral-periapical-1st film 25
D0230 Xray 2nd Intraoral-periapical-each add'l 21
D0270 Cavity detection Bitewing-single film 26
D0272 Cavity detection Bitewings-two films 38
D0274 Cavity detection Bitewings-four films 56
D0330 Full mouth Panoramic film 99
D0460 PulpVitTe Pulp vitality tests 48
D0470 DiagCasts Diagnostic casts 91
D1351 Sealant Sealant-per tooth 46
D1510 SpMFixUni Space maint-fixed-unilateral 275
D1515 SpMFixBil Space maint-fixed-bilateral 368
D1520 SpMRemUni Space maint-remov-unilateral 332
D1525 SpMRemBil Space maint-remov-bilateral 413
D1550 Recement Recementation of space maint 71
D2740 Crwn porc Crown-porcelain/ceramic substr 1,108.00
D2750 Crn PFG Crown-porc fuse high noble mtl 1,026.00
D2790 Crn gold Crown-full cast high noble mtl 954
D2810 Crn3/4Cm Crown-3/4 cast metallic 797
D3310 RtCnThrAn Root canal therapy - anterior 655
D3320 RtCnThrBi Root canal therapy - bicuspid 768
D3330 RtCnThrMo Root canal therapy - molar 944
D5110 ComUpDen Complete denture - maxillary 1,428.00
D5120 ComLowDen Complete denture - mandibular 1,432.00
D5130 ImmUpDen Immediate denture - maxillary 1,520.00
D5140 ImmLowDen Immediate denture - mandibular 1,538.00
D5211 UpParRsBs Maxillary partial - resin base 1,130.00
D5212 LwParRsBs Mandibular partial - resin base 1,073.00
D5213 UpParMtBs Maxil partial-metal Base W/sdls 1,492.00
D5214 LwParMtBs Mand partial-metal base w/sdls 1,502.00
D6210 PntcCtHNM Pontic-cast high noble metal 954
D6240 PntcPrFHN Pontic-porcelain fused to hnob 987
D6750 RtCrnPFHn Retainer crn-porc fused-hi nob 996
D6780 RtCrn3/4 Retainer crn-3/4 cast h nob met 941
D6790 RtCrnFCHn Retainer crn-full cast hi nob 947
D6791 RtCrnFCBs Retainer crn-full cast base 870
D6792 RtCrnFCNm Retainer crn-full cast nob met 914
D7120 ExtEchAdd Extraction-each additional 99
D7210 ExtSrErTh Extraction-surgical/erupt tooth 245
D7220 ExtImpSfT Extraction-impacted/soft tis 294
D7230 ExtImpPtB Extraction-impacted/part bony 375
D7240 ExtImpCmB Extraction-impacted/compl bony 438
D2330 tooth colored fillings Composite-one surface, anterior 137
D2331 tooth colored filling Composite 2 surface-anterior 169
D2332 tooth colored filling Composite-3 surfaces, anterior 205
D2335 tooth colored filling Comp 4+ w/incis angle-anterior 252
D2510 InlayMet1 Inlay-metallic-one surface 721
D2520 InlayMet2 Inlay-metallic-two surfaces 776
D2530 InlayMet3 Inlay-metallic-three + surfaces 841
D2543 OnlayMet3 Onlay-metallic-three surfaces 884
D2610 InPorc/C1 Inlay-porcel/ceramic-1 surface 800
D2620 InPorc/C2 Inlay-porcel/ceramic-2 surface 836
D2630 InPorc/C3 Inlay-porcel/ceramic-3+ surface 869
D2910 RecmtInly Recement inlay/onlay/partial 90
D2920 RecmtCrwn Recement crown 94
D2930 SSC Pr Prefab stain steel crn-primary 240
D2940 SedFill Sedative filling 101
D2950 Crn Bld Crown buildup, includ any pins 242
D2951 pin Pin retention-/tooth, (+ rest) 66
D2954 PrFbPt&Cr Prefab post&core in add to crn 303
D2970 TempCrwn Temporary crown (fractured th) 337
D2980 CrwnRepr Crown repair, by report 224
D3960 BlchTh Bleaching of discolored tooth 188
D4210 GingctQdr Gingivectomy-4+ per quadrant 557
D4211 GingctTh Gingivectomy-1-3 contig th/quad 240
D4220 GinCurSrQ Gingiv curettage,surgical /quad 0
D4263 BnRpGr1st Bone replace graft-1st site/qu 541
D4264 BnRpGrEa+ Bone replace graft-each add/qu 476
D4320 ProvSplIn Provisional splinting-intracor 451
D4321 ProvSplEx Provisional splinting-extracor 413
D4355 FullDebrd Full mouth debridemnt,eval/diag 152
D4341 SRP Perio scale&root pln-4+per quad 224
D4910 PerMaint Periodontal maintenance 123
D5410 AdjCmDnUp Adjust complete denture-maxil 75
D5411 AdjCmDnLw Adjust complete denture-mand 75
D5421 AdjPrDnUp Adjust partial denture-maxil 75
D5422 AdjPrDnLw Adjust partial denture-mand 75
D5510 RprCmDnBs Repair complete denture base 176
D5520 RplThCmDn Replace teeth-comp dent (ea th) 154
D5610 RprRsSdBs Repair resin denture base 177
D5620 RprCstFrm Repair cast framework 247
D5630 RepClsp Repair or replace broken clasp 230
D5640 RepBrkTh Replace broken teeth-per tooth 146
D5650 AddThExDn Add tooth to exist part denture 176
D5660 AddClsp Add Clasp, Exist Part Denture 237
D5750 RlnCmUpLb Reline complete maxillary (lab) 395
D5751 RlnCmLwLb Reline complete mand (lab) 395
D5760 RlnUpPrLb Reline maxillary partial (lab) 411
D5761 RlnLwPrLb Reline mandibular partial (lab) 413
D8690 OrthTrtBl Ortho treatment (bill/contract) 244
D8210 RmAppTh Removable appliance therapy 774
D9210 LoclAnsNO Local anesthesia not op/surg 62
D9110 EmergEx Emerg treatment, palliative 102
D9212 TriDvBlAn Trigeminal division blk anesth 249
D9220 GnAns30mn Deep sedat/gen anesth-1st 30m 355
D9230 AnlgNitOx Analgesia 59

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