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Dental Implants

Want Your Smile Back With Natural Looks And Function?

Tooth Loss or Decay Can Affect Anyone Anytime at Any Age

Are you concerned about missing, dead or ugly teeth?Implants offer an attractive solution to embrace your smile again!

Did you realize…

  • Implants are low-maintenance? You can brush and floss, just as you would a natural tooth. This is a huge advantage over traditional bridge-work because you floss around an implant just like a normal tooth!

  • Implants preserve jawbone structure? A missing tooth will inevitably lead to further dental complications. With no tooth or root to stimulate the surrounding tissue, that surrounding tissue will deteriorate, causing adjacent teeth to shift toward the gap. A domino effect of shifting teeth and tooth loss will result if this gap is not filled. Implants are the only sure way to keep your existing jaw structure.

  • Implants will not decay? This is also true of dentures and bridges; however, dental bridges are built upon your natural tooth enamel, which can continue to be susceptible to decay. Implants are made of strong materials and last.

  • Implants function just like a tooth, and look natural and beautiful? You will use your teeth just as you always have.

Dr. Emrich can help you understand the many benefits of implants to quickly get that smile back!

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